NextDoor Offers a New Interactive Site for Liberty Ridge Residents

We’ve just added a “NextDoor” site, which offers a variety of interactive tools which I don’t have time to incorporate into this site. I invite you to sign up for it and check it out here:

It offers classifieds, personal announcements, file and photo sharing, and other features. We hope to use to increase the level of social activity in the neighborhood. Some of us remember a much more active community atmosphere when we first moved in; in fact one of the things that attracted us was that the neighborhood was small enough to be develop close friends for our daughter while she was growing up, yet large enough to support nearby services. It also seemed very diverse and cosmopolitan, not a bland suburban neighborhood where everyone was trying to keep up with the Joneses. And we attended a great neighborhood-wide barbecue the summer we moved in.

Since then we’ve tried to foster this kind of ongoing  community involvement in a variety of ways, some of which worked reasonably well, while others didn’t. For a while we even had a social committee with a small budget, led by our next-door neighbor Heather Bellows, along with my wife Victoria and half-dozen others. We still try to do an annual court party for our cul-de-sac, but over time interest in these activities seems to have trailed off. We’ve also had a couple of minor disappointments — e.g., creating a community garden, promoting solar systems in the neighborhood, and encouraging people to “go organic” in their lawns and gardens.

Of course people come and go, and their situations change over time. Our daughter, 10 when we moved in, is now 24 and traveling the country and the world. So our interests have changed. But we still love our house, and our Central Jersey location. And we’re doing our best keep the neighborhood a great place to live, retain its quality and sustainability, and preserve a modicum of peace and mutual understanding when there are disputes or complaints.

This year, in addition to adding the NextDoor site to encourage interaction between and amongst residents, we’re thinking of doing another neighborhood-wide garage sale, with a charity pick-up at the end for items left over. And we welcome your thoughts and ideas, where as a comment here or emailed to us via the Contact Us page. Thanks!


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