Neighborhood-Wide Garbage Pickup

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With only a handful of residents signing up voluntarily for the Grand Sanitation offer, the Board has approved a proposal to institute a single-supplier neighborhood-wide garbage removal contract. The cost of the garbage service will be included in the monthly neighborhood charges, and the contract would be negotiated annually by the Association.

The rationale for this is: 

  • By using a single contractor, we expect to achieve cost savings that we as individual residents could not realize
  • From an environmental standpoint, we would have only one garbage truck in the neighborhood twice each week
  • We have just re-sealed the cul-de-sacs, and want to reduce the traffic and wear and tear on the paving 

We have previously tried having each homeowner sign up voluntarily, but realized that a more effective solution would be to negotiate a single contract on behalf of our community. This approach is not new to our neighborhood as the Board takes a similar approach for other key services such as snow removal.

We requested formal bids from all of the companies that are currently doing business within our neighborhood.

The new service will begin January 1, 2008

Here was the original (voluntary) proposal:


  • Reduce your garbage pickup costs
  • Reduce the number of garbage trucks entering and leaving our neighborhood twice a week
  • Reduce pollution and wasted diesel fuel







On behalf of all neighborhood residents, the Board of Trustees has negotiated to obtain an economical contract from one garbage hauler, to achieve these objectives.

By having 80% or more of the homes in our neighborhood sign up with a single provider, we can reduce the monthly cost of your twice-weekly pickup to $20 a month. Until we reach that level, the provider we have selected – Grand Sanitation – will offer service at $25 a month, which for most people is already a savings.

In addition to these individual savings, there is a considerable community benefit in reducing the number of trucks coming into the neighborhood, as well as an environmental benefit.

But it’s all up to you. Please take advantage of this offer, and lower all of our costs of waste disposal.

Each individual household has to sign up, by calling Grand Sanitation at (908) 222-1566.


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