Neighborhood Garage Sale Planned for June 7-8, 2014

The Board of Trustees is distributing a flier announcing a neighborhood-wide garage sale for June 7th & 8th, 2014. The Board writes:

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached form send back to MEM by May 16th [Fax: 201- 377-9235 or E-mail:]. We will reassess our plans once we have seen the level of interest so we encourage everyone to please respond.

In addition, the flier (download PDF here) adds the following “friendly reminders”:

As everyone gets ready for summer, please remember to:

  • Keep your home and property in a good state of cleanliness and repair. This includes but is not limited to making sure that your home’s siding is clean, your trim remains painted, leaves are raked, etc.
  • Trim trees/bushes to ensure that the sidewalks are not blocked by low-hanging branches.
  • Please honor the property lines of our neighbors and don’t cut through someone’s property without permission.
  • The cul-de-sacs are not for continuous or permanent parking.
  • Get an approved variance before making any alteration or modification to the exterior of your home.

These are in response to the most common complaints and violations we hear about, including the growth of green algae on the siding of houses, trees obstructing sidewalks, people cutting through other people’s property to get to the Recreation Center, leaving cars overnight in the cup-de-sacs, and most significantly making modifications to their homes without neighborhood approval. Some of these are just annoyances, that detract from the appearance of the neighborhood or hinder pedestrians or drivers. But others are significant and can be costly. Cutting across someone’s property may seem harmless enough, but it can lead to accidents, dog bites, and lawsuits. And adding something to your home without approval may mean a hefty fine and a requirement to remove or alter the improvement, which can easily run into thousands of dollars of added costs. Not to mention the legal fees incurred by the Association in prosecuting these violations, which everyone bears the costs of through their Association dues. There’s really no excuse for most of these infractions. A full listing of our neighborhood rules, Variance Form, and many other valuable resources can be found on this site under the KeyDocs menu. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Balitsos at MEM Property Management at 201-798-1080 extension 9231.

One comment

  • Hui Zhang writes:

    “…could you also remind our neighbors to pick after the dogs and do not leave the dog litter bags on the sidewalk or insert under the trees? I do cleaning along the sidewalk weekly and every time I found garbage including dog litter bags. It is important that we all put effort to make our community neat and beautiful.”

    When I’m out for a walk I make it a point to always pick up any trash that I see lying around; keeping the neighborhood clean is simply a reflexive act, and it discourages others from littering as well.

    When I’m out with our dog, I always carry one or two plastic bags (the sort that newspapers are typically delivered in), so I can scoop up not only our own dog’s poop but also any really obvious dog feces that I come across. As a dog owner, I feel it’s part of my responsibility to set a good example. Mostly, I’m sure, others clean up after their own animals; so it’s just the occasional “accident” (when a dog owner is out of plastic bags, or whatever they use to scoop the poop) which is the likely cause of Hui’s observation. But it has to be a poorly-trained human that would discard a dog litter bag under someone else’s shrubbery.

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