Dramatic Storm Hits Liberty Ridge

First pictures of the storm (digital photos taken by Ilana Cloud):

Tree down in Court 25

Tree down in Court 25 – 2

Some cell-phone images from around the neighborhood (photos by Jonathan Cloud):

Liberty Ridge Rd (from corner Hansom & Honeyman)

Liberty Ridge Rd. (2)

Hansom Road – Tree on House

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  • Concerned Resident

    Interesting to read your post and referenced articles, and applause for the Board’s actions towards “Go Green” (I am referring to the letter mailed to the residents this week). In the meantime, I hope these actions do not increase the monthly maintenance fees.

    Also currently there are quite a few homeowners who do not care for their lawns properly (some of them completely deserted their “lawn”) resulted large areas of bald spots and weeds growing rampantly. This looks terrible for this lovely neighborhood and also affects their neighbor’s lawn. There is a difference between go-green (not to use chemicals) vs do nothing on their lawn. I strongly suggest the Board take action to get those homeowners to do their fair share to maintain their property appropriately.

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