Disappointing News about the Community Garden

Soon after we launched our survey of residents (password: lrna) regarding the proposal for a community garden at the Honeyman Road detention basin, we encountered two major obstacles. Several of the nearest households are opposed to using the detention basin more intensively. And the Master Association is now again changing its mind as to whether or not it owns the detention basin (which it had previously informed us was now our neighborhood’s responsibility).

For these reasons we’ve dropped the idea of creating a community garden in this location, and at the moment do not have an alternative spot. But we do plan to have our permacultural landscapers follow up with those homeowners who indicated an interest in having a consultation regarding alternatives for their own properties; and we hope to see some innovative and imaginative outcomes.

Toxic Chemicals on Our Lawns?

I’ve become increasingly concerned about the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers on our lawns. I think they are unhealthy for us, and a problem for the stormwater system and the watershed. I’ve been told that nitrogen fertilizer also creates nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than CO2. I think we at least need to raise the question as to whether these treatments are necessary, or harmful, and something we should consider discouraging.

In July I suggested to the Board that I write an article about it for the web site, and draft a letter to go out to residents in one of our regular mailings. We agreed that this would be useful, to provide as much information to residents as possible, to present a balanced view, and to discuss the right policy for Liberty Ridge. Some people feel strongly that it’s an individual right to decide how to manage their landscaping and their lawns; others that it’s a common right to be healthy and free of toxics in the immediate environment. Still others would argue that people would simply stop using them if they understood the dangers. The Board has already stopped using all chemicals in the common areas. My goal here is to get people in the neighborhood discussing this, and see if a majority agree that it’s time for a change in our practices throughout the neighborhood.

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Putting the Trash Out

As we enter into our second month of our neighborhood garbage pick-up service, the Board wants to remind you:
•    To put out your garbage the night before in order to not miss a pick-up, as the Grand Sanitation has been coming early in the morning.
•    Friday is the day designated for bulk item pick-up.
•    If you have any concerns or questions with the current service, please contact Tim at MEM at (201) 798-1080 extension 210.

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New Garbage Pickup Q&A

To better help everyone understand the new garbage service, we have put together this Question and Answer document. If you still have questions about the new service effective in January, please contact Tim at MEM at 201-798-1080 ext#210.

1. What company are we using for the garbage pick-up?
• Grand Sanitation.

2. When is this new service going to be effective?
• January 1, 2008.

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Seal coating completed

The seal coating of the courts has now been completed by Tri-State Asphalt, using their best grade material, called Jennite. Jennite has a 3-year material and labor warranty (for more information, see www.jenniteusa.com), and Tri-State anticipates that this coating should last 5-10 years before repaving will be required.

As part of the agreement, Tri-State is offering to seal private driveways for twenty-five (25) cents per square foot. Home owners who wish to have their driveways seal coated will be able to sign up for next spring for this service. Please contact Dave Hanley at Tri-State (800)867-4898 to arrange for this service.

New Sign Design Approved

The Board is changing all of the court signs, to ones that emphasize the street name, and that are expected be more readable at night.

New Court 7 SignNew sign design used for Court 7, 1-15 Liberty Ridge Road
The first example was created for Court 7, which had to be replaced anyway because the original sign failed to include house number 15.

The new signs are expected to be installed by December 2007.



Neighborhood-Wide Garbage Pickup

See latest information here.

With only a handful of residents signing up voluntarily for the Grand Sanitation offer, the Board has approved a proposal to institute a single-supplier neighborhood-wide garbage removal contract. The cost of the garbage service will be included in the monthly neighborhood charges, and the contract would be negotiated annually by the Association.

The rationale for this is: 

  • By using a single contractor, we expect to achieve cost savings that we as individual residents could not realize
  • From an environmental standpoint, we would have only one garbage truck in the neighborhood twice each week
  • We have just re-sealed the cul-de-sacs, and want to reduce the traffic and wear and tear on the paving 

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