Who Stole Our Signs?

The Liberty Ridge Garage Sale was, for most residents, something of a bust. To begin with, even though the notice of the planned neighborhood-wide sale was mailed to everyone, many people seem to have failed to notice it; and when they did, they weren’t sure that it was actually going to happen. The management company received about a dozen responses, but in most cases those submitting the forms never received a confirmation.

Others seemingly got wind of the planned sale, but weren’t sure who to ask; a question about it was posed on the NextDoor site, and answered by someone who also wondered if it was happening before I could give it a definitive answer (and even then I was still uncertain as to whether it was both Saturday and Sunday, or just one day).

But perhaps the most important problem was that someone stole our nicely-printed signs. The management company had ordered up ten of them, in bright yellow, and put them up early in the neighborhood, in part in order to get the word out. A day later, they were all gone. Someone had gone around and removed every single one.

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