Seal coating completed

The seal coating of the courts has now been completed by Tri-State Asphalt, using their best grade material, called Jennite. Jennite has a 3-year material and labor warranty (for more information, see, and Tri-State anticipates that this coating should last 5-10 years before repaving will be required.

As part of the agreement, Tri-State is offering to seal private driveways for twenty-five (25) cents per square foot. Home owners who wish to have their driveways seal coated will be able to sign up for next spring for this service. Please contact Dave Hanley at Tri-State (800)867-4898 to arrange for this service.

New Sign Design Approved

The Board is changing all of the court signs, to ones that emphasize the street name, and that are expected be more readable at night.

New Court 7 SignNew sign design used for Court 7, 1-15 Liberty Ridge Road
The first example was created for Court 7, which had to be replaced anyway because the original sign failed to include house number 15.

The new signs are expected to be installed by December 2007.



Neighborhood-Wide Garbage Pickup

See latest information here.

With only a handful of residents signing up voluntarily for the Grand Sanitation offer, the Board has approved a proposal to institute a single-supplier neighborhood-wide garbage removal contract. The cost of the garbage service will be included in the monthly neighborhood charges, and the contract would be negotiated annually by the Association.

The rationale for this is: 

  • By using a single contractor, we expect to achieve cost savings that we as individual residents could not realize
  • From an environmental standpoint, we would have only one garbage truck in the neighborhood twice each week
  • We have just re-sealed the cul-de-sacs, and want to reduce the traffic and wear and tear on the paving 

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